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Friday, May 28, 2010

A Toast to "Sex and the City 2"

We’d like to raise a glass to the gals starring in Sex and the City 2, the just-released sequel to the sexy television series. To make a proper toast we propose a few invitingly indecent cocktails created by Alizé liqueur, an infusion of premium French spirits with exotic flavors from all four corners of the earth.

Alizé is very versatile, much like Samantha, try it on the rocks like Carrie and Big’s relationship, straight up like Miranda or pour it in something as sweetly elegant as Charlotte, such as a Mimosa. And of course, don’t neglect to whip up a batch of special Alizé Cosmos.

Here’s to the ladies who are launching Sex and the City 2!

Hello, Lover! Cocktail
2 parts Alizé Red Passion
2 parts Champagne
Serve chilled in a champagne glass and garnish with fresh fruit.

Samantha’s Mai Tai Me Up Cocktail
3 parts pineapple juice
2 parts orange juice
1 part Alizé Red Passion
1 part white rum
¾ part dark rum
Blend ingredients and serve over ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with a fresh mango slice.

Big’s Berry Fizz Cocktail
2 parts Alizé Red Passion
1 part vodka
1 parts cranberry juice
Splash of lemon-lime soda
Shake well over ice, strain and serve up in a martini glass.

The Bitter Ex Cocktail
4 dashes Angostura Bitters
4 parts ginger beer
2 parts Alizé Gold Passion
Blend ingredients and serve in a rocks glass

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This article was first published for Next magazine as an online exclusive.

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