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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rum Coco

During our last day on the beaches of Paradise Island in the Bahamas, we finally tracked down the elusive islander roaming the white sands selling coconut drinks--more to the point, drinks in coconuts. Now, there is little else I like more than a drink in a coconut, except perhaps a drink in a pineapple. When I finally caught up with the man, I asked him about his concoctions and below is roughly what he told me, in his particular cadence.

Rum Coco
Serves 1
Hack off the top of a coconut with a machete. Add ice to the coconut milk, some milk, and as much rum as you like. Et voila, behold the Rum Coco!

The rest is easy: stick in a straw, lie back on a lounging chair, gaze out at the ocean and try counting the endless shades of blue dancing on the Caribbean.

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