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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Murdery Delicious Hamwich Gumm Mystery - Persephone's Bush

As my fiendish murder mystery is about to hit the shelves, I present a sneak peak of the dastardly recipes fraught, rigidly fraught! with clues to be found in the pages of The Murdery Delicious Hamwich Gumm Mystery.
While we anticipate the foul murders in my novel, please peruse the series of recipes and cocktails in the upcoming weeks, here on hideous parts.  

This will take some time, so prepare accordingly. First, address the following:

Purloin fresh lavender and stick it in a bottle of vodka. Let it sit in darkness for about two weeks to make the extract.

Put sprigs of rosemary and perhaps some thyme in a bottle of Stoli honey flavored vodka. Let that sit for about two weeks as well.

Once these agrarian touches have come to fruition, do this:

Rinse chilled Champagne glasses with the lavender extract. In an ice-filled shaker, use about 2 oz per serving of the rosemary/thyme steeped honey vodka. Add perhaps the barest breath of rose water if so inclined. A squeeze of lemon is welcome. Shake and pour into your glasses. Top off with fizzy, almost freezing Champagne. Do note that this cocktail must be served vitally cold--and garnish with fresh, fragrant thyme sprigs.

Then throw it on the floor.

Do enjoy!

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