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Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Pause That Refreshes

While I take some time off to finish my new novel, I thought I'd leave you for the moment with a comment or two about tea! And no, not Constant Comment, but a lovely tea for two from the fine folks from Bellocq--No. 96 White Wedding Tea! The hubs and I discovered this extraordinary brew featuring organic jasmine silver needle white tea, rose petals, organic lavender, and orange blossoms while enjoying an afternoon tea at The Blue Box Cafe at Tiffany's. We enjoyed our pot of tea over a smattering of finger sandwiches and a few molar-crushing sweets at Tiffany's petite eatery done up in signature robin egg blue, but I imagine the gentle perfume floating off the cup would be welcome whenever you wish.

Cuddle up then, with a good book (perhaps one of mine) and a warming cup of tea over the next few months as I work on my book and pursue the wisdom found in the leaves. Do enjoy!

Bellocq Tea Atelier is located at 104 West Street in Brooklyn, but you may also find the tea online, as well as a host of their other special blends. Thanks to Bellocq for the photo!

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