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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bacon, Eggs, and...Vodka?

Baby and I were looking for a place to have brunch and like that nagging kernel of popcorn caught in the teeth, I remembered I had always wanted to try the Red Eye cocktail at Bar Breton. It's good, but it's certainly wild and I truly appreciated the creativity behind it. The menu lists amongst its ingredients fresh tomato juice, smoked Spanish paprika, bacon and a soft-boiled egg! Thyme, horseradish, and rosemary are also in cahoots with the whole thing. The "mirepoix vodka" they used is indeed a vodka (Chopin) infused with the French trinity of carrot, celery and onion. I do relish the pluck.

My Eggs en Cocotte pouches were served on top of completely buttery mashed potatoes with chives surrounded by a short rib glaze. Excellent. Baby's Gallette (Bar Breton's specialty) featured a buckwheat pancake that enveloped a poached egg, mushrooms and parmesan in a spinach coulis.

I didn't get to try the Hotel California cocktail, but attempted to recreate it at home afterwards. I'm infusing vodka with bay leaves as we speak, but for a quick fix I merely topped the drink with a few of the dried leaves. We made tomato and cucumber waters with our newly acquired fabulous juicer and after skimming, shook the whole lot with ice in a shaker. I muddled some cucumber and added that to the mix, with a sprinkle of ground white pepper on top.

Bar Breton definitely put some Spring in our step!

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