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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Play Reading - The Mousetrap

If you've been trailing me closely, surely you can bear witness to the nefarious things that I've been up to in the last few months, to be unearthed here and here. So whodunnit? We all did--with another play reading, that is. This time it was Agatha Christie's classic mystery The Mousetrap, which is celebrating its 50 year run in London's West End. My friends and I took it on recently over an appropriately murky evening just perfect for...a murder. A tangled web of clues set the scene tableside, including a pair of mysterious gloves, strands of purloined pearls, kitchen shears and an overturned brass candlestick as well as a flickering candelabra.

More evidence from the scene of the crime. I drew the picture of the lead pipe!

And we definitely ate, too--cider roasted vegetables, fish pie, duck pot pie and figgy pudding for dessert rounded out the table. Despite a particularly dreary incident that occurred last year over dinner involving a duck serving dish, a friend suggested that I bring it out again and make something new in it, to create a different memory instead of just throwing the whole thing out. So here's the proud, plucky fellow below, much happier this time, stuffed to the pin feathers with duck pot pie.

Take notes on the carving of the Native American referencing "Ten Little Indians" and the clock nearby in a nod to "The Seven Dials Mystery." I also drew the fingerprint with large whorls.

Tonight's Menu
Duck Pot Pie
Fish Pie-- an absolutely delicious facsimile from Baby's favorite restaurant in London, J Sheekey (and I daresay a better recipe!). We used a half pound each of salmon, tilapia and shrimp for our fish
Cider-Roasted Vegetables from Real Simple magazine

Figgy Pudding courtesy of Jeff Smith, The Frugal Gourmet via

It all turned out to be a veddy veddy British evening, quite suitable, in tribute to Agatha Christie, the grande dame of the murder mystery. Don't you find...???

Soundtrack: Ambient Thunderstorms; Chopin Nocturnes; British Bands Play Noel Coward.

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