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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Praise The Pearl - Blue Smoke's Bleu Smoke Martini

So after the fit I had succumbed to whilst reading about the Blood Orange Margarita from Blue Smoke in New York magazine, which I did manage to successfully recreate at home, I still wanted to go directly to the source. It was just as wonderful (but also prohibitive at $13 a pop), if a little different. New York magazine doesn't tell you that the generic orange liqueur they suggest should really be Grand Gala or Grand Marnier (as Blue Smoke's waiters offer up).

And while I was at Blue Smoke, I did discover another gem, amidst the many fabulous cocktails that they also serve, to whit: the Bleu Smoke Martini.

Now, I like my martinis like I like my martinis: blisteringly dry and readily available. And too, I understand the idea of subbing something different for the vermouth in a martini, as I'd first witnessed such some years ago at the Astor Hotel in Miami, where a drop of Campari and a whisp of Chivas Regal stepped into a Black Tie Martini. Loved it. So when I saw that Blue Smoke offered a cocktail that tangled with Stoli, Ardbeg 10 year scotch (and blue cheese stuffed olives), I was more than eager to try.

The Ardbeg has a very peaty nose and there's just enough of the Stoli to temper it, with a cunning little fork to stab the olives. Although they didn't give me the recipe, I'll wager this is how you'd make it at home:

3 oz. Stoli
A rinse of Ardbeg
Any number of blue cheese stuffed olives

Rinse the glass with Ardbeg, shake the Stoli with ice, douse the olives and enjoy.

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