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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Grain of Salt

A most bewitching set of salts came my way recently from Salt Traders, purveyors of fine
sea salts, natural salts, and hand harvested salts from around the world that appear quite worth their weight. From Hawaii they submit the following, cunningly accompanied with descriptive tags:

Black Lava Sea Salt has "a hearty crunch with high-quality, activated charcoal (a natural anti-toxin and digestive aid)" to toss on to vegetables and roasts, as well as potato dishes and stuff fired up on the BBQ.

Bamboo Sea Salt is "combined with organic bamboo leaf extract. It is known for being abundant in amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins." For use in Asian cuisine, such as stir-fry, or use liberally with soups, just about any meat, and salmon.

Red Alaea Sea Salt "gets its name and color from the volcanic clay native to Hawaii...sprinkle on any dish to add dynamic texture, color and flavor. Perfect for traditional Hawaiian dishes, such as Kalua Pork."

Guava Wood Smoked Sea Salt "is fine and soft, like brown sugar, with a pure mellow smoke flavor...hand-harvested, solar dried, and then slowly cool smoked over native guava wood." Who knew? Try on burgers, grilled salmon, or salmon burgers! Rubs for chicken and roasts, a finish for risotto, a flavoring for eggs (such as poached eggs Norvege with a sprinkle into your hollandaise) and home fries or a bracing dip with ginger, sesame oil, and soy sauce. Or your grandfather's boots! Just marvelous!

For more information call 800-641-SALT;

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