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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Give a Challah!

Much like the eccentric cousin in Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory, who runs around screaming "It's fruitcake weather! It's fruitcake weather!" to herald the advent of the wintry holiday season, I know that when my own little fruitcake starts making loaves and loaves of round challah bread to bring to celebratory tables filled with friends and family, it means that Rosh Hashanah can't be far behind.

Actually, whatever the High Holiday, Baby makes challah, but at Rosh Hashanah, his breads are braided in a special round formation to symbolize completeness, such as the completion of a year and the circle of life. Whatever the shape or season, his wonderful challah is always appreciated, and I daresay anticipated!

The recipe for challah is here.

Go to for a lesson in braiding your round challah bread (I don't know why the woman has purple hands in the video) or otherwise just search "round challah braid" on the site.

S'hana Tova!

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