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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Everything But The...Scrimshaw Serving Tray, Part One!

Ahoy matey! CSN Stores is kindly serving up this delicious Scrimshaw Tray by Thomas Paul for review on Evenings With Peter. The company also presents over 200 online opportunities to purchase everything from this swinging item to swing sets. And I thought my swinging days were over!

Baby and I discovered Thomas Paul's fantastic designs in Friendship, Maine over the summer and bought a set of melamine dinner and dessert plates that we really love and use all the time. We saw this particular whale platter later on when we were fishing around upstate but we let it get away, instead of hauling it into our shopping cart. How great to find it once again through CSN Stores--what a catch!

So be on whale watch, gentle readers, for a full review in the upcoming weeks!

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