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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Well, La Te Da!

I was recently in Key West to visit my Mom who was in turn staying with our cousins! Baby and I headed down because I hadn't seen my cousins in over ten years (one in her 80's, another in her 70's and my other devilish cuz, my old partner in crime, who is more toward the 40-ish side of things). Besides having met my Mom, Baby had never met any of these cousins. What fun we all had together, me seeing Key West for the first time!

Baby and I were told by our New York friends that at some point we had to stop into La Te Da on Duval Street and sit at the outdoor bar, perhaps eat in the restaurant or take in one of the drag shows, which are apparently legendary. We only got as far as the bar however, but made new friends while we sat, and chatted with our bartender Robin, who has long staked her claim there and is the kind of gal who knows everybody's name. Our friends told us about her famous Mimosas, so of course we had to try one. Delicious! I thought I ought to post it here on Evenings With Peter in the event you don't have a trip to Key West planned in the immediate future. Here triple sec is added into the mix, setting it apart from the usual Mimosa--I'd also suggest trying Cointreau instead. Please toast to my wonderful Mom and cousins, would you?

Robin's Mimosa
Here's what to do, as Robin explained it to us: Fill a 15 oz. red wine glass or coupette with ice. Add 3/4 oz. triple sec, a splash of orange juice and top with Champagne. Prepare to be involved throughout the remainder of the afternoon. Cheers!

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