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Monday, September 26, 2011

Tonight's Menu - Saturday Roast Beef Dinner

For those of you that keep up with me here on Evenings With Peter, you know of my love for Saveur magazine--and every now and then, an issue appears on my doorstep filled with recipes where I want to make every single one. The October issue is a prime example of just what I'm talking about. Apart from the feast I threw together heralding roast beef, I want to pickle baby vegetables, make challah knots for the High Holidays, serve up steak and Stilton pies and toast to it all with a host of whiskey cocktails found in Saveur's fall pages.

The medium-rare roast rubbed with rosemary and garlic was so easy, and a showstopper. I suggest doing the rub the night before you plan to serve it and let the flavors sink into the meat, wrapped under refrigeration. English pork pie was exhausting (it took about 8 hours, imagine toiling at midnight, ladling gelatinous stock into our pie as it was absorbed!), but we were ultimately breathless with each savory bite--and it got full approval from our British guest, even though I used store-bought dough instead of making my own. Have your butcher cube your meat as much as possible according to the recipe to save time. Roasted potatoes were from a can and a delight, sharing the pan with our beef toward the end of the cooking time. Grilled green beans with a basil-celery leaf-parsley pesto (subbing for bean-leaves that I didn't have time to search out) were pulled from a recipe on tasting and Baby's wonderful honey cake indeed took the cake for dessert, draped in chocolate glaze from Gourmet Live on Use at least double the coconut milk suggested for your glaze and add a little lavender extract for good measure. Links are below. Do enjoy!

Tonight's Menu
English Pork Pie
Rosemary-Rubbed Beef Tenderloin
Roasted Potatoes
Charred Beans with Bean-Leaf Pesto
Steamed Asparagus
Honey Cake

Soundtrack: Sweeney Todd, original Broadway recording. I was serving a meat pie, after all--just look above!

Photo Credit: Todd Coleman

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