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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Frito Pie

Baby and I thought we would spice up our fairly frequent taco nights with an old classic, Frito Pie! We shirked the Old El Paso Taco kit this time and bought a bag of Frito's to serve as a vessel for our meat and accompaniments. We browned a pound of ground beef (lean), drained it and then put in a packet of taco seasoning. While this was happening, we chopped some green leaf lettuce (instead of iceberg, with the idea of being fancy) and simmered a can of vegetarian non-fat red kidney beans in a little water (drain those too). Once having ripped the bag of Frito's open with our kitchen shears, we poured the spiced beef over the chips, added the beans, a shredded Mexican cheese blend, dollops of fat-free sour cream, topped the whole thing with the lettuce and dug in with some ice cold beers alongside. Try this with scallions, salsa or chopped tomatoes too! Delish!

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