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Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Great Pumpkin Hallowe'en Treat!

I would like to present here a little decorative project that really is rather easy to do and certainly lends an air of festivity to Hallowe'en!

1 sad, forlorn paper bag, perhaps once home to a long forgotten bologna and mayonnaise sandwich on white bread
1 sheet of copy paper carefully retrieved from a basket primarily used for waste
1 watercolor set with paint brush (roughly $3.49, found at a sundries store)
Some water from a leaky faucet
1 black, inky pen

Inspect the bag for bugs and remove them, if you wish
Separately, brush striations of black watercolor paint all over the piece of paper. Let dry (2-3 minutes).
While paint is drying, use the pen to artfully address the bag, as I have done, with the words 'I got a rock'
Crumple up the piece of paper to form your rock shape and insert in bag
Place on a child's pillow, or on the doorstep of a pestersome neighbor or grueling relative
*Note: If the decoration is for your own child, alert them that this is a grave warning unless they simmer down.

Do enjoy and Happy Hallowe'en, everybody!

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