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Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Frisky Fitzy Cocktail

At a recent gathering, our friend cuddled up to this cozy cocktail, at once enlivened and enveloped by its warming blanket. Shouldn't you just feel out the Frisky Fitzy and try it on for size this season? It's a peach!

Frisky Fitzy
(Serves 1)

3 parts peach cider (or apple cider with peach juice)
1 part Rough Rider Bourbon (any good Bourbon you have at home or that strikes your fancy will certainly do)

Gently warm your peach cider. Temper a sturdy, capacious cocktail glass of choice with a few shots of warm water, then spill out before adding in warmed cider. Perhaps use a hammered copper mug instead and warm the cider right in it, stove top, over a low flame. Pour in your Bourbon, coddle it gently in a swirling fashion with a deft wrist, garnish as you like (bruleed orange slice? candy cane? cinnamon stick?) and serve. Your guests are sure to warm up to you as well!

Do enjoy!

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