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Friday, June 19, 2009

Praise The Pearl - The Chopin CEO Martini

Well, dear readers, I just about dropped to the floor when I saw Chopin vodka's advertisement in the recent issue of Wine Spectator featuring the CEO Martini. Far more interesting than some high-powered executive, this acronym stands for Chopin Extra Olives. Yes, behold what we have here: over a pool of Polish potato vodka, from out of three plump olives skewered with what appears to be a sterling silver cocktail pick, an ample supply of caviar in coral, gold and green colors seem poised to jettison forth into our eager gobs!

How long has this been going on? Since 2007 I discovered, after a little investigation, when Wine Spectator and Food Arts announced a nationwide competition in which contestants would submit the "best-stuffed" olive to best complement the Chopin CEO Martini.
I just love the whole briny, cocktail concept and from what I can figure, the beauteous olives are specifically stuffed with tobiko caviar (flying fish roe) in a variety of red, yellow (perhaps flavored with the sweet yuzu fruit) and green wasabi caviars. I think it's an absolutely inspiring idea, and certainly stunning. The tricky part will be filling the olives with the goods: using a pastry bag with a tiny tip or a plastic sandwich bag with a small corner snipped out should work. These caviars are relatively cheap but recently I tasted delectable black Paddlefish caviar (about $20/oz.), farmed from the South; I believe it's even cheaper and an amiably chic contender, evocative of an elegant Black Tie affair.
Well-orchestrated, Chopin--and cheers!

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