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Saturday, February 4, 2012

One Pot Meals

A simple chili dinner for a friend turned into somewhat of a bacchanal when our neighbors dropped by last Friday. As always, a judicious scattering of elegant serving ware is prudent with some fine napkins to accompany, whatever the event and however unexpected it may be. My relatives used to speak of boiling an extra potato in case a friend or a hobo dropped by. Throw everything onto the table! Of course! With our one pot meals prepared beforehand, this was all such an easy delight.

A little unleashed ambiance created by candles will pull together any meal.

It was a total blast, as we also reheated some recently braised pork to add to the proverbial pot, poured a few more accompanying Fritos on our plates...

and cracked open at least a few more bottles of wine.

Do enjoy fully prepping beforehand--as well as embracing the unexpected!

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