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Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Picture of You

How do we capture our images and impressions of the people that we love? How do we properly recognize the pauses, the glances that endear us to one another, the securing relationships so deep in our hearts as the years turn themselves into a beloved shelf of collected stories? To celebrate my friend's birthday, I did what I could: I poured, cooked, and served. A side of sentiment was tossed in as I prepared a menu of what I know she loves to eat. To whit, I pored over cookbooks in preparation, and so arrived a Sunday brunch of devilishly good stuffed eggs, beets, and duck.

I created place cards with a picture of us from 30 years ago and put the menu inside. She loves these Pottery Barn plates with yesteryear letters embossed on them. Fiddle head napkins accompanied.

Otherwise, the festive table was mostly orange and green with a few other friends scattered about.

Pugs in the form of salt and pepper shakers!

Behold the centerpiece! A set of serving trays with a fine giraffe stretched across found companions such as some Meyer lemons and an artichoke!

February 19, 2012
In Which We Celebrate
A 45th Birthday Brunch for Jennifer Buermann

To Drink
Bloody Good Prosecco

To Snack
Caviar Eggs

To Sup
Beet and Endive Salad

...I hadn't added the beets in yet.

Tangerine Duck with Dried Cherries, Vegetable Purees & Pear Chutney, Stuffing Cups

To Sweet
Pepperidge Farm Lemon Cake with Berries

Happy Birthday!

Luncheon Ladies Soundtrack: Billie Holiday, Billie's Best; Ella Fitzgerald, The Best of the Songbooks--The Ballads; The Dinah Washington Story; Nancy Wilson, Anthology.

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