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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Murdery Delicious Hamwich Gumm Mystery - Slithery Sesame Noodles

In a most heinous, hysterical chapter featuring sesame noodles from the local neighborhood Chinese restaurant Lucky Yu, we present a delivery order that proves to be quite unlucky. Proprietor Mister Sing Lo didn't know what loathesome accompaniments were to be found in the brown paper bag--nor about the corpse of his slain delivery man left outside of the rarified Chalmers brothers' suite of rooms located in the fictionalized town of West Macott. And this is only one of the bodies that beset the Chalmers on this gripping roller coaster ride! 

Read my fiendishly funny murder mystery and discover here a sneak peak of one of the dastardly recipes fraught, rigidly fraught! with clues that lace the pages of The Murdery Delicious Hamwich Gumm Mystery. Go to or straightaway to order your copies for those remaining beach days, or in time for the holidays! Such a wicked entertainment! Go to 
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While you may anticipate the foul murders in my novel, please further peruse the series of other recipes and cocktails found on hideous parts. 

A Recipe for Slithery Sesame Noodles
Serves Two

Several fistfuls of forlorn lo mein noodles
A cube of chicken bouillon, decimated
Smashed garlic cloves, to taste
Some soy sauce
A slash of sesame oil
Suitable seasonings
A spoon of sweet chili sauce, oyster sauce, or red pepper for spice
A plot of peanut butter
A surfeit of Bangkok Padang sauce
Sordid sesame seeds or scallions

Bore the sinister noodles to a fine simmer in one grinning pot until limp. In another vapid vessel add about one-third to one-half cup water, a dash of the bouillon, ravaged garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil and the wretched display of seasonings, to taste. Mix in the peanut butter and add more water or soy as your plot thickens. In a fiendish manner, drown the noodles with Padang sauce, and poison with your spices. Sesame seeds or severed scallions or both should serve as a garnish.


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