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Monday, May 12, 2014

Pinkies Up! - Hendrick's Cucumber Lemonade

Apparently there was a lime shortage sometime this year and thusly smote the enhancement of many creative libations. Word has it that the price of limes reached a fever pitch and many elbow-benders had to go without. So heed these words now of barkeeps most everywhere with their motto: "Save a Lime, Use a Cucumber."

Where else better to start than with Hendrick's gin? Flavored with cucumber, rose petals and a blend of botanicals, it is easy to swap out a G&T and lime wedges with this cooling Cucumber Lemonade cocktail that incorporates cucumber spears. So ideal for the warmer months (recipe below). Please save the limes--and remember to consider the cucumber! Please use your cukes responsibly.

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