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Thursday, June 26, 2014

DriveThru - Alqueria del Brosquil, Valencia

A quick stop into where to eat with Pete!

Quite off the beaten path in Valencia, take the Ring Road (V30) to Alqueria de Brosquil for some of the best paella found there. Signs eventually lead to a simple, low-level hacienda anchored amid the rice fields.

It is surprisingly beautiful inside--wine barrels serve as bar tables and tableaux for melted candles, which I imagine are quite ambient in the evening. We however had stopped in during the day for a lingering (and somewhat liquid) lunch. Our friends who live in Valencia, Baby and I were there for about four hours full of food, wine, and conversation, as is customary--they told us only the tourists have paella at night! The point is to relax over an afternoon and well, these days, take a break from the cell phones. Imagine? We weren't interrupted at all by others elsewhere.

The lot of us looked upon a beautiful orange grove and ordered bieres, rosadas, and gin y tonic or two with greenish tinted lime. A silky, full-bodied, slightly sweet Belondrade y Lurton (100% verdejo grapes) accompanied the ensuing food.

The Quick Bites:
Formatge y Pernil; a platter of pert cheese balanced by subtle ham
Esgarradet salad; pale crisp lettuce, roasted red peppers, and bacalao (salted cod) dressed in olive oil
Amanda de la Casa; tuna and smoked salmon, pickled red onions, and besotting local rainbow tomatoes freckled with capers and cornichons
Puntillas; fantastic lightly fried squid with lemon
Paella Valenciana (top photo); traditional rice dish with rabbit, winking snails in their shells, and green beans, flavored with rosemary sprigs
Arroz Abanda; saffron rice with caldo (broth) that had been cooked in langostino, bacalao, calamari, removed and served on the side. Sprays of vibrant, fresh lemon a must!


It was around here that we started playing with our food, mixing the paellas together.

Postres (desserts) included: Callabesa, a wonderful spongy pumpkin pudding of sorts; gorgeous, nutty, caramelized orange flan with a touch of brown sugar and a saffron-inspired Chantilly cream (below); fig creme; sopada (like a creme brulee without the brulee)

Until Next Time:
Adios Valencia!

Alqueria del Brosquil Entrada Casa El Llarc, 1, Valencia, Spain, 96 375 79 70,

Thanks to for the photo. 

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