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Friday, June 27, 2014

Tonight's Menu - Light Delights

A menu light in fat, calories, ingredients, deed and task!

Tonight's Menu
Chilled Butternut Squash Soup
Asparagus with Pixie Tangerines
Unfried Chicken
Crab Cakes

I love to hover over and linger in the kitchen but it's not always possible--that's all well and good when you have your own show and staff everyday, but I don't--so when ease and time is a consideration, more often it is a must to just get down to it and cut as many corners as you can, while still creating an elegant, carefully composed meal wrought from thought and imagination, devoid of ideas revolving around Sandra Lee's Jell-O and ice cream laden concoctions (although I did pull orange popsicles out of the fridge for dessert). Insert blushing emoticon here.

A box (don't cringe) of delicious, chilled butternut squash soup led to the asparagus that I topped with supremed pixie tangerines and a drizzle of bottled shallot vinaigrette; the inspiration from a recipe on may be found here but I opted instead to order a bag of microwavable asparagus from


The gently sauteed crab cakes were pre-made and also enlivened by a little shallot vinaigrette. The unfried chicken has long been one of my favorite preparations and is courtesy of Rosie Daley.

Thanks to for the photo, just above! Credit to Squire Fox, who we believe just may be in league with Squirrel Nutkin. 

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