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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Steak (and eggs) Diane!

In a fit of inspiration, perhaps recalling late nights in college when a platter of steak and eggs seemed the only thing to do at 3 o'clock in the morning after a kegger, Baby and I recently made a classic Steak Diane preparation with a more assured sense of maturity--it was at least for lunch, but it was our own invention when we threw a fried egg on top of both steaks. Divine! But do clear your schedule: although this was so delicious, it was heavy and afterwards we slept for the entire day having hungrily consumed both of the steaks! In all fairness to us, we had both experienced a very busy, tiring week.

We sauteed the mushrooms in butter and bas Armagnac and then set it afire! Fantastic. The fairly simple recipe is found here. The Armagnac we used subbed for the suggested brandy, a package of chopped mushrooms resulted in easy work and of course, a few filet mignon steaks are essential. Make this anytime as the spirits move you and do enjoy!


  1. Wow! That steak and eggs looks sumptuous. I think using Armagnac to substitute brandy is brilliant. I'm sure it gave the dish a different flavor. I'll be sure to try that out the next time I whip up the same dish. Thanks for sharing that, Peter! Happy cooking!

    Mae Tyler @ St Andrew Poultry

    1. Thanks Mae for the comment. This certainly was quite delicious--but do remember to clear the afternoon for nap time!