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Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Murdery Delicious Blood Stone Secret - A Blind-Man's Bluff Cocktail

As you tear through the haunting pages of my new ghost story, The Murdery Delicious Blood Stone Secret, I thought it might be of interest to some readers to discover where I found inspiration during the writing of it. For example, one evening I entered Tipsy Parson in my neighborhood--a chapter ensued, one particularly gripping chapter, where our heroes, the Chalmers brothers, come across a particularly peculiar parson who is not quite what he seems. There are other recipes in the novel that precede each chapter and dispense hidden bits of information, scattered hereabouts and thereabouts. Can you spot the clues...before it's too late? Too late for what, you ask? Read on!

Blind-Man's Bluff
(Serves a tipsy parson)

1 ounce Bourbon
1 ounce of the darkest rum
¼ ounce simple minded syrup
1 ounce falernum bitters
1 orange peel, twisted and cast out
1 woodsy clove, cracked

Stir and strain the mixture over one big rock. Utilize the twist and discard. Place the cracked cloves on an ice cube and enjoy the welcome blindness.

The Murdery Delicious Blood Stone Secret is now available on amazon, or wherever you buy books. Do peer inside, won't you?

Thanks to Holly Mathis Interiors for the pic! 

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