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Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Murdery Delicious Blood Stone Secret - An Olde Family Receipt

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Dispatch the crayfish! Here's a dastardly recipe ripped from the pages of my new novel, The Murdery Delicious Blood Stone Secret! Serve it to someone you wish to torture or seduce. 

An Olde Family Receipt
(Inspires the amorous eater)
Cut a suggestive, skinned eel into short pieces and rub them with truffles of a secretive nature and a thick layer of lard. Wrap in brittle, buttered pages pulled from a recently discovered dusty box of receipts. Bake in them in an unbearably hot oven for a grueling quarter of an hour, or less, depending upon your threshold for discomfort. Serve on a potent bed of crayfish tails which have suffered a good stewing in the driest white wine that has been administered with laborious lashes of cayenne. 

Go to #murderydelicious for more info. In the meantime, a morsel about the book (available on Amazon, and wherever you may find yourself):

The Chalmers brothers have returned in the devastating finale of the Murdery Delicious trilogy—a little older, perhaps wiser, and undoubtedly more terrified. As The Murdery Delicious Blood Stone Secret unfolds, a breezy summer getaway at their newly restored ancestral home quickly becomes a crawl through the gnarled branches of the Chalmers’ family tree. Reality itself is questioned even as fear takes root, center stage. Along the Chalmers’ journey, readers have followed them through literary genres such as the penny dreadful and the classic whodunnit. Now, the brothers, their wives and children find themselves subjected to perils only found in a decidedly ghastly ghost story. Who can uncover the buried secret of Blood Stone Manor? What lurks behind the drapes? The only certainty is that some houses are never meant to be left behind as much as some inhabitants pray to leave them. Do peer past the gate, won’t you? 

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