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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Philadelphia Story, Part Five

When the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts launches Lunchtime Tunes on April 11 – 28, Mondays – Thursdays from 12pm – 2pm, the tinkling of piano keys will ripple over the Kimmel Center Plaza, offering a pleasurable way to enliven your lunch. Both students and professional musicians alike will provide the background music, playing classical strains of Chopin or Mozart perhaps and maybe even the likes of Lady Gaga on these sure to be memorable afternoons.

Although I don’t know what you might have in mind for lunch, I humbly supply the following favorites of mine: invariably I opt for a really good tuna sandwich, not that “garden” variety made with red peppers and no mayo. I prefer my tuna light on the mayo, with sprouts and red onions on rye bread—and sometimes sliced avocado for an added indulgence. Need I mention the requisite crunchy dill pickle and bag of Fritos? A Pepsi seals the deal. I also confess that I love opening a can of Manwich when at home and having my Sloppy Joe’s on a buttery grilled bun. Recently, I discovered a vegetarian version made with Blackeye peas! In either case, ditto on the pickles, Fritos and Pepsi. Another lunchtime go-to sandwich for me is nicely done rare roast beef on a crispy fresh baguette with romaine lettuce, red onions, tomatoes and a slathering of horseradish mayonnaise.

Do enjoy this magical, musical picnic! And please note: although napkins may be provided, ants are not.

Stay tuned as ventures forth in its coverage of PIFA through May 1.

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  1. I'm running for the roast beef right now, perfect because it's lunchtime here too! Chopin and horseradish mayo, nothing really can top that for a sunny spring lunch!

    Have fun in Philly!