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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Philadelphia Story, Part Nine

Evenings With Peter presents A Night at The Movies courtesy of the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts! Le Voyage dans la Lune (A Trip to the Moon, 1902) and Sherlock Jr. (1924) starring Buster Keaton will be shown on April 29 at 8pm at the Innovation Studio in The Kimmel Center. Grab tickets for $10 to see these silent classics orchestrated by students playing an original soundtrack to the films. Rocking versions of Cole Porter tunes are in the house as the evening also features Martha Graham Cracker and the students of Independent Rock.

Back when I was in grammar school, my father used to take me over to the University of New Hampshire (my eventual alma mater) to watch a silent film series at the Dimond Library. The faces of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Lillian Gish and Tom Mix lit up the screen in black and white while nimble fingers tickled the ivories of yesteryear as accompaniment. It seemed only fitting that as a college student at UNH I once again reveled to the antics of the stone-faced Keaton in The General during a film course I took. I had the opportunity to imitate the great man myself during college in a student film that paid homage to the silent classics. I was so fascinated by Keaton's agility, his ability to do his own incredible, masterly stunts that I was more than eager to try something short of similar myself that afternoon, a little over 20 years ago now. At one point I had to pitch myself headlong down a tar pit covered in snow--I think I may have even suggested it--but I told the director I would only do it once. I ended up doing it twice to complete the take. It was hilarious and I still absolutely cherish the memory.

Don't miss this amazing chance to catch these stars and their seminal movies on the big screen!

Stay tuned as ventures forth in its coverage of PIFA through May 1.

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