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Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Kitchen List

Our dear friends and neighbors from across the hall recently moved out and across town (and not because of us!) as you might have read from this post. As they were creating their new, larger apartment, they also wanted to create a better, proper kitchen with basic essential cooking tools. When asked what I recommended, I readily complied and provided a list. Kitchen appliances can be expensive but if you invest in good equipment, you'll never need to replace any of it. Excellent knives are a must. Take your time with your purchases perhaps, don't leap in all at once, and get a hold of what you need for your recipes as you merrily cook along!

4 quart Le Creuset dutch oven
Le Creuset cast iron skillet (among other things, for bacon of course, well oiled) 
All-Clad set of pots
All-Clad measuring cup set (1 cup, ½ cup, etc.)
All-Clad measuring spoon set (TB, tsp, etc.)
All-Clad 10” skillet
Rubber coated whisk (so as not to scratch up your All-Clad pots)
Wire whisk
Cutting boards (both wood as well as plastic, which is dishwasher ready for easier clean-up)
Ramekins (little round set of six to prepare chopped ingredients before cooking)
Melamine nesting mixing bowls (set of four, for prep)
Pyrex nesting mixing bowls (set of four, also good for prep)
Pyrex 13 X 9 baking dish (for lasagnes and brownies!)
Several rubber spatulas (flat for flipping;  curved for stirring)
Non-stick frying pan (Sunday eggs)
Pasta pot set with strainer
Fine-mesh strainer
Henkels/Wustof knife set of three
Henkels/Wustof kitchen shears (cutting bacon instead of chopping when required; opening anything vacuum-sealed)

Do enjoy your kitchen and remember Williams-Sonoma is heaven!

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